The Oldendorp Group Does More Than Just Sell Houses

We're your one-stop source for all your real estate questions and needs.

Our complimentary services include: 

  • Tax Appeal Value Assessment
  • Investment Properties
  • Consultations on How To Downsize
  • Consultation With First Time Buyers
  • Town Tours
  • Analysis of Repairs Needed Prior to Selling
  • Move or Remodel Consultation
  • Determining Property Values for Estate Planning, Probate and Divorce
  • Home Equity Analysis
  • Pre-Renovation Value Analysis
  • Post-Renovation Value Analysis
  • Establishing a Listing Price

We can also help answer one of the most common questions we hear from homeowners: I'd like to move but where would I go? We're your complete real estate advisors!

Let us help! Give us a call today at 973-845-8362 or send us a message.

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