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Transaction Manager

Gina Gatti

Gina oversees every client’s experience and ensures the listing process from list to close is a positive …

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Sales Associate

Beth Gibson

Beth is known as an agent who pays attention to details, listens well and is responsive to her clients’ needs.…

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Listing Manager

Debbie Hayford

Deb oversees every client’s experience and ensures the listing process from list to close is a positive one as…

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Michael Iossa

Michael has over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry and he has a broad and unique set of skills.…

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Sales Associate

Monica Marucci

Monica has years of experience in real estate and strives to provide her clients with a wonderful experience in both…

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Sales Associate

Charlie Oldendorp

Charlie Oldendorp has years of Real Estate experience and has proven to be a great team player, he brings a level of…

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Director of Business Development

Neal Oldendorp

Neal Oldendorp, is the newest member of the team. After, more than 35 years in Municipal Bonds, he is bringing exper…

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Sales Associate | Listing Specialist

Susan Oldendorp

Susan Oldendorp, our Listing Specialist, is your trusted advisor. Building lifetime relationships, caring for each c…

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Sales Associate | Listing & Buyer Specialist

Zander Oldendorp

Zander Oldendorp’s goal, as our Listing and Buyer Specialist, is to provide outstanding service and satisfy ea…

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Sales Associate

Sarah Plitt

Sarah Webster Plitt is an agent who is energetic, friendly and trustworthy. She is a master at cultivating relations…

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Sales Associate

Allie Tessitore

No stranger to real estate, Allie has spent the last 6 years running a successful real estate team in NYC and Brookl…

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Sales Associate

Tina Woods

Tina Woods is a highly preferred real estate agent who is passionate about helping others through the process of rea…

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