Relocation Host

When relocating an employee, there's more involved than just finding a new home. There are the challenges of acclimating the entire family to the new community and lifestyle. The Oldendorp Group's Relocation Host streamlines this adjustment process. Our Host tailors solutions for each family member, from healthcare practitioners, schools, commuting hacks, after-school activities to dog grooming. Working with our Host ensures that the employee is supported during a challenging time, resulting in a happier home life and productive job performance from the start.

The adjustment period is guaranteed to be less stressful, less expensive, and less time-consuming for all involved, and here is why…

What will happen

  • Pre-move: engagement with the entire family to assess the wants and needs ahead of the transition; educate the family about the many benefits of living in the region
  • “Fast track” the family with tailored recommendations for the appropriate healthcare, schools, restaurants, afterschool programs, DMV, commuting hacks, etc.
  • Post-move: ongoing access and support, such as driving around the region to get oriented with grocery stores, local parks, recreational facilities, etc.

How this benefits the employer

  • Differentiates the company from others with access to Hosting Services, attracting and retaining talent with this valuable offering
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the candidate/family’s quality of life and mental health.
  • With the family receiving support from the Host, the employee can immediately become productive in the new role without distractions

How this benefits the employee/family

  • 7 days/week access to Relocation Host for questions and concerns
  • Recommendations for service providers, etc, the family will avoid unnecessary trial and error experiences
  • Exposure to local opportunities that will quickly connect each family member with peers in the community

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